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If you've always wanted to learn more about music, but you can't "change your major" or focus on your music passion full-time, you've come to the right place!


From the high school or college student who wants to learn more about music theory or their instrument, to the professional musician who never learned how to read music or the basics of arranging and composition, our school is custom-tailored to you. Take whatever classes you want, whenever you want, as often as you want, and just pay as you go! All of our music classes are taught by Shir Soul founder and musical director, David Ross.

Call us today to

your first class!

Having earned his bachelors degree, summa cum laude with honors, in music performance from Binghamton University in 2001 and his masters degree in music education from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2003, David Ross has been teaching music in public and private schools for the past 15 years. His instruction style is very student-based, knowing how to very quickly diagnose what his students want and need to learn.

This is the first music school that is made for you.  Choose the classes you want to take, bring friends or come in for one-on-one instruction, set your times and frequency, and we'll do the rest.  We look forward to teaching you!

All classes are taught in Teaneck, NJ, but we also have some limited availability on Tuesday and Thursdays in NYC.  By appointment only.

Classes offered:

  • Music theory

  • Composition

  • A cappella arranging

  • Bandleading

  • Musicianship

  • Conducting

  • Or let us know what you'd like to learn!

  • Transcription

  • Voice

  • Guitar

  • Piano

  • Bass

Special Preliminary Pricing for new students!


  • $90/hour for individual lessons

  • $80/hour if you bring a friend

  • $70/hour for groups of 5 or more

  • $50/hour for groups of 10 or more

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