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If you're familiar with the Shir Soul wedding band, Jewish a cappella group or Shir Soul DJs,

you are going to love the newest offering from New York entertainment company Shir Soul!

Welcome to Shir Soul Magic!

Chaim Moskowitz grew up in Great Neck, NY.  He learned his first magic trick when he was 7 years old, and he has been performing magic ever since.  Chaim has always been intrigued by the idea of taking ordinary objects and using them in not-so-ordinary ways to give people extraordinary experiences.  Chaim now loves making people doubt everything they believe about reality.  When he was younger, Chaim marvelled at magicians at parties, and would always try to figure out how they performed their tricks.  Since then, he has perfected his craft with cards, coins and basically anything he can get his hands on. Originally learning many of his magic tricks on YouTube, Chaim is excited to have now launched his own YouTube magic channel - Shir Soul Magic.  His influences include Ponta the Smith, David Roth, Brandon Wolf, Mister Nister, Ben Cohen, and many other noteworthy magicians.  With his New Magic Mondays initiative, Chaim is now finally sharing his magic tricks with the world!  

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